About The Company

Robbins Custom Woodworking comes from a fourth generation heritage of fine craftsmen. The company began its present form in 1984 and quickly obtained a reputation for some of the finest craftsmanship. From that point RCW became a leader in cabinet fabrication for Northern California. For almost 30 years now RCW has maintained and even exceeded its stellar reputation. As an indication, it receives 90% of its business strictly from referrals and repeat business. RCW has a unique mixture of flexibility, precision quality and surprising affordability. They walk hand-in-hand with you through the entire process to ensure you the highest quality of service and client/business relationship. These folks are proud to be a part of a company such as this, and they’re also known as some of the friendliest people you could possibly work with.

The Process



They meet with you to find and implement your ideas to your specifications. They work hand-in-hand with you to achieve the look you desire.



With your goals in mind, they set out to design a solution that will function correctly and look great. A CAD drawing is then created for you to view and make any changes necessary.



Upon design approval, your project is built to spec. Down to the minute detail. This is what maintains RCW’s superior reputation for quality.